Sunday, October 3, 2010

Want some more spiderman!!


This set is all about the different costumes of spider-man and his most feared Super Villains (Venom, Carnage and Green Goblin). This set is based on the spider man comic universe. Iron spider man (seen in the top left of the photo), comes from a comics series called "Civil war". Note!! that there is an variant edition  iron spider man costume which is some what transparent of the original "Iron Spider Man", (seen in  top row, second in). this is the variant edition version of the toy in the set..Not all sets have variants of figures, this set just so happened to; the purpose of the variant is to make the set much more difficult to obtain, as well adding something extra to your collection. As for the  Black-suit Spider man (seen bottom left of the photo) and Spider man (seen bottom right ) are both inspired from the newest spider man comic "The Amazing Spider Man".

Here comes the Super Villains!!

First off the "The Green Goblin" (seen in the top right of the photo) is from the newest spider man comic "The amazing spider man". This is also true for Venom and Carnage (seen in the bottom row of the photo second and third in).Venom is what i want to bring to everyone attention!!! He is hulk size aka he is huge the way venom was meant to be made. Also Carnage is rare to see in any spider man collection. He really does look twisted and crazy, the set really captured comic style Carnage. I think this brings a lot to the set and makes it worth having in any collection.

What makes this set so awesome is all the figures in the set. Its a well round set, there are a lot of cool spider man costumes in the set. As well the Super Villains are BAD ASS and extremely well done in detail. More over add in the awesome variant (iron spider man), you get a set worth adding to any collection.
Rating 9/10 PRO-MASTER status