Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BATMAN, BATMAN , BATMAN! Dark Knight toy wave 1

I'm in a Dark Knight mood, so thought i post some more of my collection. The photo above is the first Dark Knight toy set that came out; after or before the movie, not sure. This set is vary creative as from a toy perspective. DC comics is not too conventional when it comes to making their toy sets. As you can see there are 5 different Batmans. Maybe 2 look like they were from Dark Knight the movie. Like the orange Batman in the bottom right of the photo looks like he’s a power ranger lol. This is more from a toy collectors stand point; I personally enjoy more realistic figures to collect. With that said some of them look bad ass, each batman has something cool to offer, and the super villains are some what well done. The joker (seen in the bottom row second in) lacks detail more of a comic feel to the figure then a figure from the epic Dark Knight. Lastly we have scarecrow (seen in bottom row first in) he was in Dark Knight for around 5min lol, he is kind of lame but the intro was so good; made him look amazing. This figure does look pro and really looks like he was from the movie.

Overall I’ll give this set a 7/10. Not the most amazing rating, although some of the figures were well done; some lacked detail and the random power ranger batman doesn’t help LOL. Its hard to give this set a PRO Master rating, but the movie was so EPIC, that I would buy it again if I had too.

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  1. Wow, these action figures look like they're very well made!